Google is working on making the Internet safer!

Google is working on making the Internet safer!

August 27, 2014 1:49 pm Published by Comments Off on Google is working on making the Internet safer!

At 2% we take security extremely serious, implementing as many security precautions as we can to help reduce the risk of your website being the target of an attack and putting your customer at risk.

In an effort to make the web more secure, a few months ago Google called for HTTPS everywhere and more recently have announced they are beginning to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. Initially this is only a very lightweight signal affecting a small percentage of global search queries and carrying less than other signals such as high quality content however it will gradually become more and more important in search engine ranking.

Due to this announcement we recommend that all our existing and new clients implement a SSL certificate on their website, not only will this increase the security on your website it will also provide your visitors with peace of mind that your website is safe and secure and have the added bonus of boosting your web ranking.

Why use HTTPS?

HTTPS is especially important when accessing websites over unencrypted networks (such as Wi-Fi in Cafes, Libraries, Airports etc) as anyone with a little technical know how can “packet sniff” and discover sensitive information about the websites you are visiting.

Encryption helps prevent this by concealing the traffic’s meaning from all expect those who know the secret to decrypt it. It doesn’t block the information from the sniffer but it will just appear as streams of random bytes rather than HTML, links, cookies and passwords.

How much will it cost me?

This all depends on the level of security you require, most standard websites won’t need the most expensive certificates and we can get you up and running for as little as £75+VAT per year.

How do I get an SSL Certificate?

Simply get in touch and we will talk you through the best solution for your company.